FS 9850 PRO

  • 90”x60” semi-professional gas cookers
  • Top table stainless steel
  • Front panel stainless steel
  • Dishwarmer is stainless steel
  • Sides are silver-painted
  • 5 gas euro pool sabaf burners
  • Middle burner is triple (original italian sabaf)
  • Splash back
  • Full Safety for both hob and oven parts
  • Full ignition of both hob and oven parts
  • Heavy cast iron pan support
  • Gas oven
  • Mechanical timer
  • Turbofan
  • Wok adaptor for big pans
  • Full closed door grilling in both oven burners in use
  • Double oven lamp
  • Double chicken rotisserie
  • Double door oven glass
  • 1 deep enamel tray+ 1 grid in the oven
  • Fixed drawer
  • Removable inner glass
  • Standard black color oven door glass
  • LPG adjusted
  • NG conversation kit
  • Packaging with polyfoam
  • A class white insulation
  • UK type plug
  • Standard black enamel cavity
  • Adjustable oven legs
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