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Vetro's wide range of built-in ovens combines smartness and functionality with exquisite Italian design and attention to detail.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

The new Aquactiva system with steam action easily removes grease deposits in the oven. Just pour 300 ml of distilled water onto the oven floor and heat for 30 minutes at 90°. Once the oven has cooled, use a wet cloth to wipe away any remaining residue.


Enjoy a wide range of Vetro ovens in the A+ energy class, as we believe that practicality includes reducing energy consumption.

All under touch control

The intuitive Touch Control function displays real-time cooking information and allows you to set the start and end cooking times.

Maximum capacity even in standard dimensions

Vetro's ovens are available in a variety of capacities for your convenience. The standard cavity capacity ranges between 65 and 75 litres.

Cooking has never
been easier.

Vetro's wide range of built-in ovens combines smartness and functionality with exquisite Italian design and attention to detail.


Internal panels coated in a special microporous enamel prevent deposits of evaporated fats from forming, instead, transforming them into gaseous products that can be easily removed.

Ventilation System

The tangential ventilator allows hot air to easily exit the oven while maintaining a constant temperature in the oven door. Cold air enters through gaps below and creates an upward air current, allowing air to flow out of the oven continuously.

Easy Steam

The Steam Cooking function delivers moisture at precise times, resulting in food that is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, with reduced fats as desired. Simply pour water into the dedicated cavity to turn it into steam and cook lighter meals without giving up on taste.


Convection is controlled by the oven's upper and lower heaters. This traditional baking method is ideal for foods that require a certain amount of humidity to be preserved, such as roasts and fish.


Pizza function

All you have to do is decide what type of pizza you want. Your oven will take care of the rest. This function replicates the cooking conditions found in wood-burning ovens to make the most delicious, tasty, and crispy pizzas.

Grill function

A great function for cooking medium-thickness or thin meat (sausages or ribs). When using the ventilated option, the fan draws in air and directs it to various foods at temperatures ranging from 50°C to 200°C. Even when cooking in large quantities, the ventilated grill is an excellent alternative to the rotisserie and produces excellent results with poultry, sausages, and red meat.


By only using the lower heater, you can dry the lower part of the food and increase the leavening. Cook delicate foods such as sweets, cream puffs, cakes, soufflés, biscuits, and pastry using the ventilated feature.

Fan assisted cooking

The upper and lower heating elements are powered by a fan located inside the oven. The use of the fan ensures even heat distribution across the entire food surface area and is especially suitable for pizza, Italian focaccia, bread, and so on.
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